What is actually happening with the dialogue enhancement processing?

A look "under the hood"

Our cloud-based signal processing listens to your audio content and provides customized noise reduction, normalization, and enhancement to provide exceptional audio quality and intelligibility without tweaking. It is designed and trained specifically for dialogue recordings.

After analyzing the audio file, Nomono can apply any of the following processes depending on what is deemed necessary (and in this order):

  • DC offset removal
  • High-pass filter
  • Peak normalization to -0.9 dBTP to maximize the effectiveness of the noise reduction.
  • Crosstalk reduction if multiple files from a single session are uploaded together
  • Two stages of specialized denoising; one for stationary noise that is consistent across the entire file, and one for periodic noises that change over time
  • EQ matching based on profiles for similar voices
  • Adaptive leveling for subtle dynamic control 
  • Loudness normalization to -23 LUFS in accordance with the EBU R128 standard, including a look-ahead limiter

All these processing steps are adapted based on the file analysis by leveraging AI and machine learning to "listen" to the file, and tailor the processing parameters to your unique file.