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What happens when the Charging Case runs out of battery?

The article explains how the Charging Case behaves when battery is depleted and how you can ensure the best possible lifespan of the battery.

During normal use, the charging case will automatically stop charging other devices once the battery level drops to 2%. At this point, the LED indicator will turn off. If you leave the charging case unused for several weeks or months in this state, the battery will continue to discharge slowly due to the nature of Li-ion batteries.

If the battery is fully depleted, the charging case will appear dead, and the LED indicator will not turn on until it's charged for a while. You may need to connect it to a charger for 1-30 minutes, depending on how discharged it is, before it turns on again. The slow charging process before it turns on is intentional and meant to protect the battery from damage.


If the battery is frequently allowed to become deeply discharged, it can reduce the overall lifespan of the battery. Therefore, it's best to avoid completely discharging it whenever possible and instead recharge it before the battery level drops too low.

If you plan to store your charging case for an extended period, it's best to charge it to around 40% before putting it away. This level of charge helps to keep the battery healthy while in storage. Additionally, avoid exposing the charging case to extreme temperatures, as this can damage the battery.